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How do you customize your services for my business model?

Adroit starts by reviewing your registration and disclosure documents to gain an understanding of your existing business. Then, let's have conversations about your business philosophy, client base, and investment strategies. Together, we can determine your compliance needs are develop a road map of how to best meet those needs.

I want to start an advisory business. Where do I begin?

Adroit can help you create your compliance program from the ground up, starting with the preparation of your Form ADV Parts 1 and 2 registration documents, and creation of comprehensive written policies and procedures. Adroit can walk you through the registration process with state or SEC regulators, and coach you on how to manage your compliance program.

Will you be my outsourced CCO?

It depends. Being an outsourced CCO is a unique relationship. Regulators do not look favorably on situations where someone is acting as CCO in name only, without being knowledgeable of the firm's business operations. You need to maintain a high level of communications with your outsourced CCO on a regular basis, and commit to keeping the CCO informed on business operations. This arrangement obviously requires considerable dedication from both parties. If you are interested in this arrangement, we'll need to have some in-depth conversations on how to make the relationship work.

That being said, you may find that with the support of Adroit, you have more confidence in acting as CCO without having to outsource those duties.

I have a compliance program in place, but I'm not sure if it's right.

Adroit can examine your existing policies and procedures to determine if there are any gaps or deficiencies that need to be addressed, as well as looking at your registration documents and disclosure documents to make sure that the language is consistent with your client agreements, your written policies, and your actual business practices.

Can you provide me with some templates?

Sure. But these documents just serve as a starting point. It is critical that any template is customized to fit your business model. While Adroit is happy to provide you with some sample documents to get you started, it is important that you make sure that the final document is accurate, relevant, and appropriate for your business. Regulators frown on just slapping your business name on a template and not making sure it is accurate, relevant, and appropriate for your business. Adroit can help you customize your documents for your business.

I can't keep up with regulatory changes. Can you help?

Yes, of course! Adroit stays abreast of regulatory changes in the industry and will provide updates as necessary. We regularly attend continuing education events and keep an eye on relevant industry newsletters, alerts, and updates. Subscribe to our blog so you can be the first to receive any updates.

I keep hearing about Business Succession Planning, but I'm a single-person office. What do I do?

Business succession planning is definitely a hot topic with regulators. At a minimum, advisers are expected to have a written plan in place that outlines who will communicate with clients, service providers, and regulators in the event of the adviser's incapacity or death, and provide instructions on how clients can obtain access to their accounts. There are a variety of ways this can be addressed. We can work together to outline a plan and put it in writing.

What is your fee structure?

Adroit typically charges an hourly fee for services, billed monthly in arrears. You'll receive a detailed invoice showing the dates, descriptions, and time spent on your projects. Normally, Adroit doesn't require a monthly retainer, as we recognize that your needs will fluctuate month to month. Routine services such as deadline reminders and newsletter updates are free of charge.

How do I know that Adroit Compliance is the right consultant for me?

Everyone wants a good fit. The best way to find out is to schedule a free introductory call to discuss how we might work together. Click here to schedule time to chat. Don't worry, you won't be stuck talking to a pushy salesperson. We'll just talk about what you need, and whether we can provide services to meet your needs. No obligation!