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How Can Adroit Help?

Registration and Regulatory Filings

Maintain Your Registration

Navigating the various regulatory filings can sometimes be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, it is important that filings be completed correctly, accurately, and timely. Adroit can provide assistance in preparing, reviewing, and updating your various regulatory filings, whether you're just starting your business or if you have an established business.

Written Policies and Procedures

Develop Your Compliance Program

Financial professionals are required to have comprehensive written policies and procedures. Adroit can help you prepare, review, and update your policies and procedures, and make sure that they are appropriate for your business model.

Compliance Program Supervision

Manage the Paperwork

Let's face it:  a good compliance program requires a lot of paperwork, which keeps you from spending time with your clients. Adroit can help you manage the supervisory burdens by assisting with things like monitoring code of ethics reports, performing vendor due diligence research, reviewing marketing materials, or approving social media content.

Monitoring and Surveillance

Make Sure Your Program Works

Once you have a compliance program in place, you need to perform ongoing monitoring and surveillance to be sure that your program is effective in preventing, detecting and correcting any compliance violations. Adroit can assist you with performing tests and reviews, such as mock exams, email reviews, and employee reporting.

Education and Training

Enhance Your Knowledge

Effective employee education and training help to support a strong compliance culture in your firm. New employees should know the rules and regulations that affect their jobs. All employees should receive periodic updates to help refresh their knowledge of compliance rules, and learn about regulatory updates. Adroit can customize training programs for your firm.

Additional Support

Help When You Need It

Whether you outsource your entire compliance program or whether you feel confident managing it all yourself, sometimes you just need a little extra support to get advice or to assist with special projects. Adroit is available to help you with any one-time or ongoing support you may need, such as assistance with regulatory exams, consulting on new products or services, or providing information on new rules and regulations. Adroit can also help navigate questions such as, "How do I handle a client complaint?" or "What do I do about a trade error?"

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